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Grateful To Be Alive

Grateful For What I Have

Growing up in Brownsville, Texas was great because I was able to play baseball all year round. I am the oldest of seven sisters and four brothers and although I am my youngest

brother was our cousin, and I was a half-brother; we grew up as a big family. My mother was a stay home wife and my father worked for the United State Department of Agriculture with the pay grade of GS4. The benefits help us with the medical expense and my stepdad works a part-time job and does lawns on the weekends. I never remember going out for fast food like many families do today. I can go on with things we did not get or have grown up with, but I remember something that made me happy. We experienced things that other kids did not get to experience. I remember walking a few blocks every day to get fresh warm corn tortillas for lunch and dinner or going to the bakers for sweet bread (pan dulce) for breakfast Going to the outdoor movie theater on a full car night or going to the beach. I was grateful for having a roof over my head and being able to have food and most importantly having a father, mother, and a big family. One thing I have in common with the Aworowa orphans is that we have many sisters and brothers. Many of us are fortunate and have all our needs and wants fulfilled. These are some of the things that the Aworowa project is doing with the donations to provide a home that some of us take for granted. Think about this next time you are eating a pizza and complaining about your parents or what you do not have.


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