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A Need for Belonging

Part One

The definition of an orphan is a child deprived by the death of one or usually, both parents becoming an orphan. Never knowing my real father, I know that it had both emotional and psychological effects during my younger years. I can only imagine how I would have dealt with being an orphan, I came close to going to prison not having parents, I would probably be in prison today. An examining qualitative study was started among purposively sampled orphaned youth using in-depth interviews with open-ended questions. Fifty participants were recruited through social workers, community-based organizations, and tribal authorities in a rural local municipality of Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. The scenarios with the participants revealed that they live in a socially depressed environment and are subjected to extreme poverty characterized by frequent hunger. Furthermore, they do not enjoy family support and when they live with their extended families, they experience ill-treatment and indifferent gestures.


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