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A Need for Belonging

Part Two

The death of their mothers has made a negative psychological impact on orphan children's psychosocial wellbeing, resulting in the development of internalizing depressive symptoms. They often suffer from emotional distress and prolonged grief characterized by a perpetual yearning for the mother and, they resort to silence as a coping strategy. Studies suggest that orphans frequently were forced to leave school early for a variety of reasons. However, leaving school early became a major stressor and contributed to their negative psychosocial well-being. Maternal death has a negative impact on the psychosocial wellbeing of the participants even after they have crossed the 18 years threshold of orphanhood. The Awororwa, Ghana orphanage project is geared to provide stability for these unortunate youngsters. You can help build the orphanage by going to our go fund me page and share.

Yearning for their mothers negatively affected their ability to develop coping strategies, which led to isolation, sadness, hopelessness, lack of peace, and fear of an uncertain future.


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