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Kolobe Ranch

First, guests arrive at the Kolobe Ranch, home of your outfitters Daniel and Dorea Dutoit. Superb tour guides will accompany you for the rest of the trip. Guests stay in an intimate lodge filled with all basic amenities while enjoying a view of the ranch. While here, you will explore the wildlife on the grounds and experience a bird-watching tour, as well as an optional nighttime safari. In the evening, guests can relax by the large fire pit drinking wine and eating snacks. 

Kruger National Park

Guests will head to Kruger National Park and experience elephant petting and riding, as well as tour the world's third largest river canyon. Guests will stay in one of the comfortable lodges located in the park. Each feature a unique setting as well as full accommodations. Within the park visitors will spend two and a half days exploring the expansive wildlife preserve on personalized safaris. Here guests may witness animals such as rhinos, giraffes, and buffalo. During the evening, visitors have the opportunity to try braais (a South African barbecue).

Crystal Springs Outlook Lodge

Finally, guests will visit Crystal Springs Outlook Lodge. Guests will view "God's Window," a 40-mile outlook point of the South African Savannah. Guests will also visit a nearby waterfall. As the trip winds down, the group will explore the Shagana Cultural Tribe Center and its adjacent small villages. At the lodge, guests will experience a cozy atmosphere equipped with basic luxuries and a breathtaking view.

*The activities and locations of the safaris are not subject to change. However, lodging may vary according to the availability of the outfitter.


Triple L Safaris are all expenses paid, including food, lodging, and recreation. Enjoy world-class African cuisine featuring an American flair. Guests receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with snack breaks in between and a full selection of Spirits and Wines. While guests relax at the lodges, they may dip their toes in a large swimming pool or enjoy a superb glass of South African wine.

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