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About us

Hi! I'm John


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Upon retirement from a forty-year career teaching at and administrating universities, I decided that I wanted to visit places on my own bucket list and revisit places that I thoroughly enjoyed. Sharing these places with people and helping them experience the joy that I found is an incredibly special part of my life. In 2013, I founded Triple L. Safaris after meeting Daniel and Dorea Du Toit, owners of a game farm in South Africa. Together we created a wonderful photography safari focusing upon Kruger National Park and surrounding areas to give people an opportunity to see big game, birds and learn the culture of South Africa.  This has resulted in 3-5 safari trips each year from the months of March to September.


My wife Barb and I have been married 52 years and together travel as much as we can fit into a year.  We particularly enjoy taking people on adventures. Over my lifetime, I have developed so many interesting hobbies, I have difficulty fitting them all in. I am an avid eclectic reader and find many interesting things to read and learn about. I enjoy gardening, woodworking, fishing, hunting, birdwatching, writing poetry, writing children’s books, and community service projects. In addition to my hobbies and travel, I continue doing mission work in Aworowa, Ghana. It has provided wonderful experiences and rewarding work by making new friends. 

Hi! We are Dorea and Daniel DuToit

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When I met Daniel in 2006 it was like we were from 2 different worlds, although we grew up in the same city. I was a city girl and he was a farm boy. After getting married I joined Kolobe Safaris, Daniel was in charge of the hunting and outfitting and I managed the marketing, cooking and hosting part of the business.We started focussing more on mainly photo safaris which is how we met John through a mutual friend. He joined a group on a photo safari and enjoyed it so much, we decided to join ventures. 


During our trips we visit various different scenic, wildlife and tourist attractions and combine it with many interesting facts on our wildlife and many cultures in SA. It's an insightful and educational trip and we recommend it to anyone who has an interest and passion for Africa. Daniel and I have had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary people whom most have become close friends during our years in the tourist industry. We make a great team and we both love people and have a real passion for nature.

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