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Why An African Safari Is Your Trip of a Lifetime.

Those of us that have been in the military were able to go on a paid safari even though we did not volunteer for it. I always took advantage of doing the sightseeing went I got time off. Seeing pictures of Africa, it is a beautiful country, it is nothing like going to the zoo. The thing about being in the wild is that it is wild, and animals behave like they are supposed to, not like prisoners sitting around awaiting their next meal. To travel into the natural parts of Africa is to travel into the heart of Mother Nature in all its raw beauty. At the very least it is amazing, and at the most, life changing. This is what I have been told by those who go on a safari, get hooked, and they keep going back. Many people describe going on safari as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but that’s simply wrong, and selling yourself short. Yes, it is an experience you need to do at least once in your lifetime, but in this case, more is better. I’m personally limited by the fact that it’s a long and typically expensive trip, but if I had the freedom, just like skiing, or for some people cruises, I would go on safari every year. Plan your safari for the trip today for the adventure of your life next year with Triple L. Telling Rey sent you.

Reynaldo Mayans (A.C.)


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