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Souvenir Shopping

Photography Safaris offer several opportunities to shop for souvenirs, it can vary from roadside shopping to high end specialty stores. During a typical trip, participants can dicker for carved animals, bowls, tea towels, paintings, drums and many other items. It seems that everyone is looking for an item or two that will always remind them of the experiences they had on the safari. Each trip makes stops at roadside shopping stalls where African men and women try to entice foreign buyers. American bills of $5-10 are readily accepted and exchanged. In small cities, shop keepers offer jewelry, leather goods, silk scarves and many other items. In this setting, credit cards are accepted. I often remind participants that

whatever they purchase, they must carry home. However, my orations seem to go ignored and items keep piling up. Packing to go home is a chore but the smiles on faces never go away.


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