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Waterbucks Are My Favorite Animal

Some people fall in love with Giraffes, Zebras or perhaps an Elephant, but my favorite animal is the Waterbuck. The male Waterbucks have long spiral horns that curve backward and then forward, but the females do not have horns. Of course, they are most frequently found around water, hence the name “Waterbuck”. Males are larger and weigh between 425-575 pounds and females around 350-475 pounds. Their color varies between brown and light grey. Both have a target on their butts. This white circle is called the following sign and allows them to see each other when going through brushy areas. They have an oily secretion that covers their coat, which gives them an unpleasant smell, but I like them. They’re majestic and quietly aware of their surroundings. It’s always a delight seeing one of these elk size animals in person.


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