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Impalas Come in All Colors

No, I’m not talking about the old cars that we purchased; I’m talking about the most common antelope in South Africa, the Impala. We jokingly called the Impala “The McDonalds of the Veld.” If you look at one from behind, you can see a big “M” clearly visible. They are the favorite food of the leopard and will be taken by lions and hyenas if they can catch them. Fortunately, they are prolific breeders and it is not unusual to see thousands of them on a typical safari. Males have curving horns while females do not. Most often, they are light brownish/tan with white underbellies but also come in black, white and a mixture of other colors. These wary creatures make a quick getaway when danger threatens. I never get tired of watching them as they move in large groups.


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