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Expanding Your Taste Buds

Have you ever had Warthog sausage, Kudu Steaks, Lasagna made with Zebra or how about Springbok

Curry Pancakes? I can tell you that all of them were delicious and tasty. One of the delights of visiting a new culture is being able to try out the local cuisine, every day brings new opportunities on one of my safaris. Since this is an all-inclusive trip, one can order off the menu and try things that are distinctive and new. If you are a picky eater, take a chance and try a dish that you have never tried before, you will be amazed at how good things taste and want to go back for seconds. Did I mention that the adult beverages are also included? Make your choice and add to your repertoire. I thought that Wildebeest tasted like our regular beef. Yummy indeed!


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