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Leopards of Kruger National Park

One of the great memories I have is seeing the big cats of Kruger National Park. On my last trip, we were driving down a dirt side road and suddenly came upon a Leopard, lying on a large branch high in a tree. Getting closer, we discovered that it had an Impala that it had killed and was enjoying a meal. It was a sight that I won’t soon forget as they are magnificent creatures. It is estimated that there are approximately

1,000 leopards in Kruger. Leopards tend to be solitary and hunt primarily at night. They lie up in trees and drag their prey up to keep it from Lions and Hyenas, out of danger and out of sight. Fortunately, they often provide a silhouette and can be sighted in larger trees on the Savannah's. I count myself as lucky to have been able to see at least one on each trip I have taken. Come along in May of 2020 and I will help you find one.

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