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It’s a Go Away Bird

Kaa Waaay, Kaa Waaay, echoed across the trees as I looked for the culprit making the sound. It sounded like “Go way, go way” to me. Yes, it was a Grey Go Away Bird. It’s ash grey soft color and distinct sound gives it away. A member of the Turacos, Lories, it is a common bird in South Africa but an interesting one. It is common in the Acacia savanna and dry-open woodlands but also likes gardens. It has a tufted crest on its head and a very long tail. Much like our crow, it eats many things including fruits, berries, insects, termites, snails, leaves and flowers. It will raid gardens for vegetables. This bird needs lots of water to drink so is often found close to streams and ponds. It is one of the birds I look for as soon as I arrive in South Africa. I usually spot it high in thorny trees yelling “Go Way, Go Way.”


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