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Have You Ever Hugged an Elephant?

Elephants are large creatures, much larger when one is up close. I have to admit, the first time I hugged an elephant I was a bit uneasy. As I approached the elephant, I could see that it was looking at me and sizing me up. Fortunately, it was a well-trained elephant and comfortable when having strangers approach it. Still, the first time has stayed in my mind for quite some time. My how big it was. The skin was smoother than I expected and it towered over my head. Its feet were very large and the trunk incredibly long. I kept imagining it reaching around to taste me, but nothing ever happened. It stayed still, allowed me to give it a hug and, I swear, it yawned like “let’s get this over with.” Hugging an elephant is something so special and a once in a lifetime experience. I highly recommend that you come along in 2020 and give it a try yourself.


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