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Rafting Wow! What a Rush!

I was able to experience many different things that were essential to my combat training. Learning to repel cliffs, mountains, and jump from helicopters which I enjoy doing. I never thought that l would learn how to do whitewater rafting as part of our military training. To be able to see the wilder and more beautiful landscape while rafting on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. I also had the opportunity to raft in the Smokies, more specifically the Pigeon River in Hartford, Tennessee, which is different from the Colorado River yet still incredibly beautiful. There are many rivers in the US and around the world, but I would have loved to do rafting in many more of the rivers in this country, given the opportunity. I am happy that the army helped me cross this item from my bucket list before I even had a bucket list. I learned to love rafting more after doing whitewater rafting. Put whitewater rafting on your bucket list today; you will not regret it.

If you love adventure and seeing our country’s beautiful wilderness, the way to see it is the Colorado River. Sign up today with Triple L Associates, LLC for your next Whitewater Rafting trip. Do not be surprised if you go back again. Reynaldo Mayans (A.C.)


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