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Trip Itinerary

Day 1

  • Land in Johannesburg

  • Sleep in Afton House Lodge

Day 2

  • Head to Kolobe Ranch after breakfast

  • Explore ranch and wildlife after lunch

  • Bonfire after dinner and optional nighttime safari

Day 3

  • Head to Kruger National Park after breakfast

  • Eat lunch at private restaurant/golf course

  • Pet and ride elephants at nearby sanctuary

  • Stay overnight at lodging near Kruger National Park

Day 4

  • Visit world's third largest river canyon after breakfast

  • Return to the lodge for lunch and rest

  • Enter Kruger National Park in late afternoon for dinner and sleep

Day 5

  • Early light breakfast, then large tour around park

  • Lunch at park restaurant

  • Continue safari into evening

  • Dinner and drinks

Day 6

  • Repeat of day 5 with optional individual activities

  • Herds in the massive Kruger National Park often exceed over 100 animals at a time

Day 7

  • Go to Crystal Springs Outlook Lodge after breakfast

  • Eat lunch at a local establishment

  • Arrive before dinner

  • Take a small tour of the grounds

Day 8

  • Visit "God's Window" and see a waterfall before lunch

  • Go to Shagana Tribal Cultural Center in the afternoon

  • Visit nearby villages and small traditional markets

  • Back to Crystal Springs for dinner

Day 9

  • Breakfast and begin the return to Johannesburg

  • Sightseeing and lunch along the way

  • Airport arrival at 4pm

  • Flight departure around 7pm

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