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What is a Red-Billed Oxpecker?

One of the great things about a photography safari in South Africa is having the chance to see unusual birds. While watching a group of Rhino's called the “crash.” I spotted some small birds crawling around on their back and around their ears. Looking in my bird book I found that they were red-billed oxpecker. The red-billed oxpecker is a small bird found in Wild Savannah as it's name suggests, the red-billed oxpecker has a bright red beak. The rest of its body is brown with the underside being lighter. It has grey legs and a yellow ring around its red eyes. Not only do they eat ticks, flies and other insects; the Rhino benefits from their eyesight. Rhino’s have great hearing but poor eyesight. Oxpecker have great eyesight and hearing to let the Rhino’s know when danger is around. Learning something new each day is one of the great benefits of a photography tour in South Africa.

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