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Travelling Seniors

Hello Friends,

My bucket list keeps getting longer the more I travel and find more places of interest. Lately, I have been focusing on trips to Ghana and South Africa. In Ghana I do mission work in the Village of Aworowa. Aworowa is composed of about 7000 wonderful people who have much energy, great intellect but few resources. My fellow missionaries and I are blessed to be able to work with these fine people.

In South Africa, I have been arranging wellness adventure tours for active adults. Helping people enjoy a bucket list experience has been extremely rewarding. I’ve met a wonderful young couple who serve as in-country guides. They own and manage a big game farm and also work with me to provide fantastic photography trips. Trips focus on learning about the ecology of South Africa, seeing it’s multitude of big game animals and birds, as well as checking out the flora and fauna in this magnificent country.

If you are interested in being a missionary in Ghana give me a call at 715-341-1208.

Join me on an adventure and be well!



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