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Na Na Kwame Yeboah- The Warrior King

My Name is Na Na Kwame Yeboah the 1st

“Eight years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to go with a mission team to Aworowa, Ghana. Of course I was excited to go to a part of the world that I knew little about. Little did I know that the experience would change my life forever. Aworowa is a small village in North Central Ghana and home to amazing, hardworking people. These people embraced our group and allowed us to help them achieve projects they identified. Working together over the past eight years we completed a church parsonage; drilled a fresh-water well; enhanced curriculum materials in their schools and provided medical supplies for a local clinic and even built a car washing facility. Most importantly, I’ve made a new group of friends and colleagues who have enriched my life. In 2016, I was made an honorary warrior king. Na Na means Warrior King; Kwame means born on a Saturday; Yeboah is the royal family name and the designation “The First” means that I am a member of the first council. It is a very special honor to me and one that I cherish. I look forward to another trip to Aworowa in January of 2020.”

-Dr. John Munson


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