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Down and Dirty With Warthogs

Warthogs are interesting creatures that spend a good deal of their nights lounging in the cool of a confiscated Aardvark or Porcupine den. They have soft skin covered with bristly hair. Like domestic pigs, warthogs don’t have sweat glands to cool themselves. They love to wallow in mud to cool themselves off and ward off insects. Warthogs have padding on their knees and often kneel to eat lower grasses and to slurp a bug. They’re well adapted to grazing, digging roots and living in savannah habitats.

Both males and females have warts on their face; the warts aren’t really warts, it’s thick skin that serves to protect their eyes in fights and brush. Their tusks are constantly growing canine teeth that become razor sharp by constantly rubbing together. Males are typically larger than females by having more prominent canine teeth stand out. Female canines often grow into a heart shape and close to the snout. Now that you know more – want to see one up close?


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